Day: April 17, 2019


Role of Diamonds and Keys in Choices: Stories You Play


Keys and diamonds are the two main forms of in-game currency which are present in Choices: Stories You Play. It is important for the players to earn these two types of in-game currency in large amount. It is because, if players have a good amount of in-game currency in the game, then they easily play the entire game simply and normally without facing any type of difficulties.

Also if players do not have the in-game currency or you can say keys and diamonds in the game, then they can simply buy them with the help of in-app purchases by spending their real-life money. Another method to earn currency without playing the game is by using the Choices Cheats in it. It is the easiest and top-class methods by which players easily get keys and diamonds anytime and an unlimited amount.

Know Where to make use of keys and diamonds

In Choices: Stories You Play, players only spend their hard-earned in-game currency only on more useful things. They have to spend their in-game currency, or you can say diamonds and keys only on the unlocking process of stories, or on upgrading their characters and buying items or outfits for their characters. If players follow these things, then they save a good amount of in-game currency, and the same thing help them in future too in the playing process of Choices: Stories You Play.


In a nutshell, players should also become more aware of the entire gameplay of Choices: Stories You Play. They must know they can achieve anything in the game by using the hack and cheats option. Not only is this, with the help of cheats, players easily become the best player of Choices: Stories You Play and also come at the top of the leader board.

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