Day: March 20, 2019


Shooting game Critical Ops worth playing game with more advanced function


The game Critical Ops is going to forget the player of the game about time because it has so fantastic feature and function designed by the developer to lure the player.  Here player has to only think quickly and act accordingly fast. The game is free to download and play by the action lover.  The player can opt for the role of terrorist or counter – terrorist. He or she has to deal with some of the vilest and most corrupt person on this Earth. The player has to form a strong team against the opponents.

Credits are for what purpose?

The game currency is the most useful and important part to play with. The currency here is given different colors such as the blue and the orange one. These blue and green credits are used to change the skins of the weapons and have more weapons. If you are running out of the credits than you need to worry much because the developer here hand you over the Critical Ops Cheats to buy more credits to play an upper hand on your enemies by kneeling them down.

How enjoying to have more game modes to player

  • The game provides its user many different modes of the game to enjoy and have more entertainment. These are;
    • Defuse- defuse as the name defines itself that it has something to defuse. What is that? The answer is C4 bombs which are planted by the team of enemies.
    • Deathmatch – second is deathmatch mode. Player kills here as many opponent team’s member more possible to have higher score than them.
    • Gun game – it is commenced with MP5 gun and with 15 levels. Here by using Critical Ops Cheats player can alter the skin of weapons and guns.


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